Kassouf House Cup Tournament inspires employee engagement



The 2024 Kassouf House Cup Tournament inspired employees to connect and engage with their coworkers through team building activities and spirited competition. Congratulations to this year’s champion, House Iron Ore! House Iron Ore is made up of one of our Healthcare Tax groups, Kassouf Wealth Advisors, Kassouf Retirement Plan Services, and our Estate Planning and Administration Group.

Established in 2023, the Kassouf House Cup Tournament is an employee retention and engagement strategy for our public accounting and advisory firm. As a regional accounting firm with four offices and in-office, hybrid, and remote workers, the competition allows employees to get to know teammates across departments and locations. The competition also encourages work-life balance during tax season, creating opportunities for team members to relax and unwind during a traditionally busy time.

Inspired by Harry Potter, employees are sorted into four different houses. This year’s theme centered on Birmingham, Alabama, where our firm was founded in 1931, and the steel industry’s influence on the Magic City. House names represented the ingredients to make steel: House Limestone, House Iron Ore, House Coal, and House Fire.

The competition includes a variety of accounting firm events and activities, such as the 10 Key Speed Challenge, allowing employees to race against each other and the clock as they input numbers, a virtual scavenger hunt, Walking Club, and more. The tournament encourages employee recognition, as teammates cheer one another on during competition, fosters an inclusive workplace, and creates an engaging work culture.

The final event allowed employees to transform our Training Room into a miniature golf course. Each house designed two putt putt obstacles, and employees showed their skills on the green.

The House Cup Tournament is just a piece of Kassouf’s engaging and positive culture. Learn more about our employee benefits here.