As a business leader, you need accurate financial information in order to make critical decisions related to the direction of your business. Assurance services provides you with an expanded view of your organization, allowing you to evaluate its overall financial and operational performance, so you can solve complex business challenges. Our team understands that reliable financial information is the foundation of successful business decisions and conducts audits, reviews, and compilations to help you reach your goals.

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Financial statement audits

The audit is the highest level of assurance a CPA performs and is intended to provide comfort on the accuracy of financial statements. It includes examining an entity’s financial reporting process and financial statements and issuing an opinion on the fairness of presentation of those statements. Our team uses a customized risk-based approach tailored to your organization.

Financial statement reviews

A review is similar to an audit, but provides limited assurance that financial statements are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or another comprehensive basis of accounting. A review is typically appropriate of a growing business seeking larger, more complex levels of financing and credit. Reviews are also useful for business leaders needing accurate information in order to make key business decisions.

Financial statement compilations

Our team will compile your financial statements based on our knowledge of accounting principles and our understanding of your business. Compilations do not require inquiries of management or analytical procedures.

Financial statement preparation

We will prepare your financial statements for regulatory authorities, contract compliance, bank financing, and shareholder agreements.

Personal financial statements

Our team will prepare your personal financial statements for regulatory compliance or bank financing purposes.

Internal control evaluations

Our team will evaluate your internal controls. This includes testing existing controls and helping you design new control systems associated with inventory, revenue cycle, payables cycle, and payroll processing.

Agreed upon procedures

We will conduct Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements as requested by a third party, or as requested by management teams to verify specific financial information. Following an engagement, we will provide a report outlining the procedures and the findings that resulted.

Financial projections

We will conduct financial projections, explore factors driving financial performance and discuss the creation of projected financial statements.

Service organization control reports

Ensuring the security of customer and company information is becoming increasingly important. Our team will conduct a review of your internal controls, as requested by third-party outsourcing providers. This review is known as a Service Organization Control (SOC) engagement.