Qualified Plans

A qualified plan allows your company to provide the greatest benefit to your employees. We administer 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, and welfare benefit plans for businesses, along with a variety of services ranging from tax compliance to ongoing administration.

We provide the following services related to plan design, implementation, and consultation:

  • Design a benefit plan that meets the goals of your company
    • Profit sharing plans, including comparability/cross-tested plans, 401(k) plans
    • Cash balance plans
    • Defined benefit plans
  • Coordinate the adoption of pre-approved prototype plan documents
  • Complete IRS submission for approval of customized plans
  • Facilitate employee communication and seminars
  • Assist with IRS and Department of Labor examinations

Our team offers the following annual administrative services:

  • Determine participant eligibility
  • Determine key employees and highly compensated employees
  • Calculate contributions
  • Conduct comprehensive compliance testing
  • Determine employee vesting
  • Manage participant distribution and loans
  • Prepare plan financial statements
  • Prepare Form 5500 annual filing to the Department of Labor
  • Prepare summary of annual report and annual account statements for participants